Virtual Number

Enjoy Automated Calls Service with us that allows

your organization to become more efficient in that you will

not have to manually call each person on your subscription list. 

Our Services Facilitate to Boost your Business Image,The Virtal Number Provides you the Flexibleness to Manage Call From Anywhere Or Forward The Call To The Right Person, Its System Comes With Smart Analytics To Monitor And Record Calls, Which Leads in Improving The Customer Experience.

Virtual Number

Enjoy Automated Calls Service with us that allowsyour organization to become more efficient in that you willnot have to manually call each person on your subscription list. 

Who We Are

We provide template based transactional SMS service with free SMS API & Premium Transaction SMS Service. Transaction SMS API can be integrated with website, application and software. Ensure reliable business communication with your customers for important updates, alerts, or reminders. Transactional Bulk SMS ensures guaranteed, secure, and rapid deliverability at scale and cost. Transactional route can only be used for sending transactional SMS such as Information, OTPs and alerts to your registered users.

Features & Advantages

Intelligent call routing

Don’t make your customers wait; route calls to available agents with the right skills

Call Recording

Make enlightened decisions with the help of call recordings. This feature can also prove to be of enormous value in your everyday customer handling.

CRM Integration

Integrate your toll-free service with CRM and get a synthesize and comprehensive view of the customer data.

Parallel Ringing

Use Virtual Numbers to ensure no calls go missed by parallelly ringing all the agents at the same time.

Call analysis and reporting

Deep analytic dashboard to measure every detail about calls, even track your marketing campaign and agent performance

What You Will Get

Available Professional Image

A virtual number can get your business phone a professional look without any expensive pieces of equipment.

Get a Global Presence

Start using virtual phone numbers instead of your regular phone system to give your business a presence in anywhere in the world

One Number For Many Uses

Get one-tollfree number for each department.forward call easily to to the right agents

Highly Scalable

Easily manage large incoming traffic and extend your business without any further infrastructure cost

Number Masking

Mask your business number with virtual number masking to maintain privacy for both ends

Cost Effective

Cloud telephony is not a fixed line and having local area codes, both your business and your client  can bypass any extra fees.


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A virtual number is a phone number on the cloud. It is not allot to a particular telephone, and It is used to divert the call to a referred phone number(s). It helps maintain privacy.

You can get a virtual number with call recording software when it is take on from a cloud telephony service provider. All your calls will be automatically recorded with the permission of the caller.

A virtual number can work as one number for whole team. for each and every department. you can use only one number and route calls to the right agents.
you can use virtual number and missed call , IVR and outbound voice calls
Virtual number comes with a dashboard which lets you record and moniter calls for details analysis.

When Choosing virtual number for your business, we at green web solutions provide you with a list of number which are good to remember for customers. You can even get customized number if you have in mind

Yes you can use your existing number. you can contact the team